What do you wish you could know about your audience?

At QNA Group, we help you excel at asking meaningful questions to your audiences and then listen thoughtfully to the answers. And we are experts at helping you to digest your fresh insights to inspire new possibilities for your organization.

There is so much to be gained by asking a question.
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What We Do

QNA has the market research expertise and experience to help your organization take on today’s challenges or plan for tomorrow’s growth.

Build Your Brand’s Health

Measure your brand’s effectiveness, impact with your key audiences and differentiation within your market. Identify opportunities for strengthening your brand, or gain the insights you need to launch a new one.

Brand Health

Strengthen Your Audience Relationships

Gain a deeper understanding of the experience you create for your customers, your members, even your employees with satisfaction and loyalty measurement, experience mapping and ongoing listening sessions.

Audience Relationships

Launch Meaningful Communications

Realize the potential for in-development campaigns or communication efforts, gauging reactions to messages and creative elements. Then monitor the impact of your campaign’s in-market performance.

Meaningful Communications

Determine Your Impact

Measure the effectiveness of your existing programs or services through efforts focused on outcomes assessment. Create a feedback loop that allows you to continually improve your offering and remain relevant to your audiences.

Know Your Impact

Pursue Innovation and Growth

Explore your potential for developing and launching new products or services—from concept evaluation to viability assessment to pricing studies. Or plan for changes to your organization’s priorities through needs assessments and consumer insights.

Innovation Growth

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