How do we achieve greater results for our clients?

By addressing five considerations throughout every research effort. It’s a flow we’ve developed and refined throughout our decades of collective experience.

Our approach ensures you’re not only gaining insights about your audience, but the perspective you need to put your learnings into effective action.

“We need a focus group to answer X.”

We hear this all the time. The truth is that there are many available approaches to getting the insights you need. And a traditional focus group may not always be the best answer.

Because QNA has a deeper understanding of your needs, time frames and budget, we can draw from our full range of available research methods to deliver a plan that’s designed specifically for you.

Because we know how your research will need to live within your organization – what efforts it must support - we can propose research methods that will drive to results that are most useful for you.

And because we already understand what work has come before, we can avoid researching something you already know. We build on your existing knowledge.

How you ask your questions is critical. If you’re not utilizing the right research tools, your results may not be very useful. Our approach ensures you are gaining the richest, most relevant insights that support your plans

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