How do we achieve greater results for our clients?

By addressing five considerations throughout every research effort. It’s a flow we’ve developed and refined throughout our decades of collective experience.

Our approach ensures you’re not only gaining insights about your audience, but the perspective you need to put your learnings into effective action.

So what did your audience tell us? And how do we make sense of it?

Listening may be an art, but there are key aspects of QNA’s approach to results analysis and reporting that bolster our ability to guide your audience’s responses into accurate and illuminating appraisals of their perspective.

We dig deeper to understand your audience.
That means uncovering not only what was said, but why, and how strongly it was felt. Where did your audience reveal contradictions in their attitudes or feelings? We don’t miss opportunities to learn from unexpected results, or drive too quickly to short-sighted conclusions.

We synthesize results to arrive at richer truths.
Through data analysis we integrate all information shared across every qualitative and quantitative input, arriving at robust and reliable conclusions. And because we’re keeping your future plans in mind, we know where to mine deeper into the results to give you the learnings you need.

We deliver reports that are direct and digestible.
You don’t want your most trenchant insights lost in a dump of data. QNA’s reports are crafted to give you a clear grasp of the key ideas and learnings that emerged from your research effort.

These are just a few ways the QNA team excels at helping our clients be better listeners, which is how your audience’s perspective can truly live within your organization.

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