How do we achieve greater results for our clients?

By addressing five considerations throughout every research effort. It’s a flow we’ve developed and refined throughout our decades of collective experience.

Our approach ensures you’re not only gaining insights about your audience, but the perspective you need to put your learnings into effective action.

Research is an important investment for you, and we are determined to protect it by starting on the right foot.

That’s why we begin every research effort by addressing two essential questions:

  • What questions do you need answered?
  • And what will this knowledge make possible for you?

It’s a simple process to answer these questions, and we employ a useful onboarding tool to make it even simpler.

This is our time to learn what led to your organization’s need for research, review any studies you may have already conducted and understand who within your organization will need to apply our findings in their work.

This gives the QNA team the context we need to build your research plan, and you the confidence that we are marching in the right direction.

Ultimately it’s how we protect the value of your investment and the reliability of your research results.

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