How do we achieve greater results for our clients?

By addressing five considerations throughout every research effort. It’s a flow we’ve developed and refined throughout our decades of collective experience.

Our approach ensures you’re not only gaining insights about your audience, but the perspective you need to put your learnings into effective action.

If you’re asking the right questions to the wrong audience, how successful will your research be?

And if you’re working with a research partner that treats your audience like “consumers” instead of real people with honest feedback to share, how much faith can you put in the results you’ll receive?

At QNA, we work harder to identify the audience segments that will give you the most meaningful feedback and perspective. Sometimes that means finding “millennials.” Other times that means finding “equine veterinarians in northern Kentucky.” We’re up for either challenge.

Once we’ve pinpointed the right audience for your research study, we utilize a variety of recruitment partners and methods to populate your panel. Trust us, we’re not going to that same pool of likely candidates for every project.

This same commitment to precision guides our choice of research environments. Online? On-site? In home? Our goal is to establish a forum that fosters authentic responses while always respecting your audience’s time and perspective.

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