We draw from a wide range of research methods to create effective insights programs for our clients. Every engagement is custom designed to your needs, time frames and budget.


Primary Research


  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Research Workshops
  • Online Discussion Boards/Social Media Groups
  • Website Usability Testing
  • Ethnography/Observational Research
  • Diary Studies
  • In-Home Research
  • Mystery Shopping


  • Telephone Surveys
  • Online and mobile Surveys
  • In-person or intercept Surveys
  • Mail Surveys
  • Mixed mode Surveys
  • Market Segmentation

Secondary Research

  • Environmental Scans
  • Review of consumer/popular literature
  • Review of academic literature
  • PRIZM segment analysis
  • Synthesis of existing client research
  • Analysis of government or census data